Prayer Flags consist of auspicious mantras syllables and prayers which are hand block printed onto different varities of cloth in each of the five Buddha colors. Usually the Wind Horse is at the centre with the four supernatural creatures at each corner: the Dragon, the Garuda, the Snow Lion and the Tiger. The horse gallops like the wind carrying the wish fulfilling jewel. It radiates Peace, Prosperity, Knowledge, Success, Long Life, Protection for Health, Compassion and Purification. The wind horse symbolizes positive personal power which eliminates all hindrances caused by illness, accidents, malign spirits and astrological auspiciousness, bestowing personal power and good luck. Hang prayer flags in the highest place in your garden.

Prayer Flags may be placed either inside of a building to increase the spiritual atmosphere or outdoors where the wind can carry their prayers. Traditionally, they are fastened to eaves or sewn onto ropes to be displayed horizontally or thesy are fastened to wooden poles for vesrtical display. Sets of five color flags should be put in the order: Yellow, Green, Red, White and Blue (from left to right or from bottom to top). The colors represent the elements: Earth, Water, Fire, Cloud and Sky.

Because the symbols and mantras on these prints are sacred, we ask that they be treated with the Traditional Tibetan respect - please do not place them on the ground or use them in articles of clothing. When disposing of an old print please burn it.We have a new range of prayer flags in fine quality cotton, clearly printed with different prayers for Success


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