Terms Of Trade :

  • We may send you the samples but the cost of the samples as well as the freight charges will be borne by you.

  • Buyers should place order at the maximum. Shipping charges depend on the gross weight of the shipment. If the shipment gross is high, the shipping rates come down, if the weight is lower, than rates goes up.

  • For confirm order 50% of the total value will have to be paid in advance and balance 50% during delivery.

  • The rate of production are based on F.O.B. Kathmandu. These rates only includes the cost of our products.

  • The price indicated on our price list are net wholesale price, do not includes transportation, packaging charges and other charges.

  •  The color shown on the photographs may vary up to 5 % - 10 %.

  • The size and weight mentioned are approximately

  • We check every single piece of your before shipping, there is hardly any chance of defects, Some times small defects might be found though since everything is hand made.

  • Any extra packaging demanded by the buyer will be charged separately.

  • We are capable to manufacture or supply all kinds of handicrafts in any size, color, weight, design and packaging as per our buyer. We are also able to fulfill bulk orders within the committed time period.

  • The prices can be changed any time without informing to our valued buyer, please confirm the prices before placing the orders. ss

  • Any types of damages/ shortages of goods during transportation will be borne by the buyer. Company is not responsible for that.

  • We never say we are the best we always do the best.

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